Pricing & Custom Packages


My custom packages can be tailored for a variety of needs including a family fun trip, adventure tour, or peaceful island retreats. These packages can incorporate yoga, massage, meditation, biking, swimming, boating, paddle boarding, triathlete training, and many other fun activities designed to stimulate the senses and release the mind from the daily grind.

Example Packages - Below are a few examples of possible packages, but keep in mind they're fully customizable, so feel free to pick a plan if one looks perfect for you or suggest one.

Adventure Tour:
An adventure tour can include

Peaceful Island Retreat:
The peaceful island retreat consists of camping on the remote island of "Espiritu Santo," which is located a couple of hours out of the marina by boat.  The camp area is pictured below.

For more photos, check out this page:

Triathlete and Iron Man Training

Yoga, Massage, and Deep Relaxation:

Family Fun Through Sport:

I put fun first

here link to the main site on adventure packages, etc...

* really get into the details of spatial awareness under water (images, description, etc)

* dancing under water (movement)

* The art of relaxing

* Underwater Massage

* paddleboard yoga